Frequently Asked Questions

We call them freezies…!

They are a healthy, banana based snack for that is a great alternative to ice-cream.  Our freezies are made from all natural ingredients, including around half a banana per serve and they are dairy-free.  Detailed nutritional information is coming soon.

Are your freezies good value for money?

Yes. An average ice-block weighs about 55-60g (Chocolate Paddle Pop, 54g). Our freezies are almost twice as good value with a minimum weight of 100g. It’s the quantity of real fruit that makes the difference. Each 4oz serve contains around half a banana.

Nothing to worry about, they are just banana seeds!

Many ice-creams contain a non-toxic antifreeze known as propylene glycol which helps preserve food and makes ice-cream softer. We don’t think antifreeze should be in ice-cream. Our freezies are all natural!

Our ice-cream tubs are composable once the label is removed. The cardboard cartons the tubs are delivered in are recyclable and we collect the gel packs used to keep your order cold for reuse. Please keep gel packs aside for me to collect when delivering your next order.

Yes of course, they are a great snack to have in the freezer and are great any time of day.

Please note free delivery is provided on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. Products can also, by request, be collected from us.

Online Sales Starting Soon...!

We’re just finalising our first batch of freezies and will start selling online soon.  Our freezies are available to schools and corner stores in the Greater Hobart Metropolitan area.

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