Meet the Monst’z

Our Little Monst’z characters were created by the youngest member of the Little Monst’z Freezies crew who is 10 years old.  Just for fun, we have created some pictures of the Little Monst’z Freezies characters that you can download and colour in.

Designed with love. Enjoy!



Personality: Chilled, quiet and fun
Likes: Her teddy
Dislikes: Lots of noise
Hobby: Bird watching
Favourite colour: Pink
Pet’s name: Lou-Lou (cat)
Favourite food: Ice-cream
At school they like: English


Chocolate Roughie

Personality: Loyal, loud and energetic
Likes: Scaring people
Dislikes: Sleeping
Hobby: Scaring people
Favourite colour: Orange
Pet’s name: No pets (allergic)
Favourite food: Toast
At school they like: P.E


Berry Scary

Personality: Shy, kind and inquisitive
Likes: Playing hide and seek
Dislikes: Getting scared
Hobby: Drawing
Favourite colour: Blue
Pet’s name: Spidy (spider)
Favourite food: Mangos
At school they like: Maths

Online Sales Starting Soon...!

We’re just finalising our first batch of freezies and will start selling online soon.  Our freezies are available to schools and corner stores in the Greater Hobart Metropolitan area.

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